Vicki Bowles


Vicki Bowles
Barrister & Partner

Vicki Bowles is a Barrister and Partner in the Commercial team at VWV, specialising in all aspects of information law and data privacy.

Vicki began her career at UK Revenue & Cusomers, before moving to the Charity Commission's compliance legal team. Vicki dealt with information requests as part of her work at the Commission, and upon moving to private practice, gained an LLM in information law and began advising organisations on information law issues.

Vicki has since built up experience of advising a wide range of clients on their information law obligations, including data protection, FOI and EIR, PECR, confidentiality, and dealing with the Supervisory Authorities and appeals to the Information Law Tribunal. This includes practical and strategic advice to achieve compliance with legal obligations, but also taking into account risk and proportionality.

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