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Your subscription will start as soon as we receive your remittance. If you are renewing your subscription, you will be sent the issues of the journal that have been published since the expiry of your previous subscription period, so that you do not miss any issues.



Should you wish to cancel your subscription after it has started, a pro rata refund will be made, less an administration fee of €100 plus VAT.



Where you request to renew your subscription (or to take out a new subscription) and an invoice is issued to you, any subsequent cancellation by you before payment of the invoice will incur an administration charge of £100 plus VAT.


Subscription licence terms

Data Protection Ireland and Compliance & Risk journals are sent to subscribers by PDF document in an email. The electronic version enables you to:

  • share the journal with colleagues in your organisation by forwarding the email to them; and
  • share the journal with colleagues by making the electronic version of the journal available on your organisation's (internal network) intranet.

The terms of the standard electronic subscription licence prevent subscribers sending a copy of the journal to anyone outside of their own organisation.


Group Licensing

For information on the pricing structure for a multiple organisation (group) user license, please send us an email.


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